Maintenance of a high-pressure misting system

Do you own a high-pressure misting system in your home, business, restaurant or industry? If that is the case, then you understand that the high-pressure misting pumps, tubes, and nozzles require maintenance for high efficiency. The nozzles could be loose, resulting in water dripping, rather than spraying. It is a highly undesirable condition as it wets furniture, walls, and appliances in the room. Additionally, they do not bring the desired cooling effect. For this reason, it is imperative that you continuously maintain a high pressure misting system. This process of maintenance includes:

Nozzle Maintenance

The nozzle is the most crucial part of the high pressure misting system. When blocked, it prevents the flow of water. Therefore, it should be clean and clear of any debris. This is mainly because the tiniest obstruction could even lead to system failure. Hiring a professional to clean the nozzle is therefore imminent. However, if you have a wire brush, you could clean it yourself. Make sure you turn the system off before you begin on any maintenance procedures.

System plumbing

The water system is also another critical aspect of the high pressure misting system. Without it, there would be no misting. When maintaining the water plumbing system, start with the water source. Make sure you inspect the system for any leaks. You carry out the test when the pump is on. Then, you can examine the pump for a hole and finally the misting target area. Make sure that all joints are tight and not rusted.

Filtering System

The filtering system is an equally important component of the high-pressure misting system. It segregates the waste from the source from the water misted into your space. Since it traps any debris, silt, and other compounds, it is bound to get dirty. Therefore, it is vital that you clean it to avoid blockages.

Additionally, a dirty filter tends to make a lot of noise, thus creating an uncomfortable environment. When replacing the screen, it is highly advisable that you are keen to install the housing properly. These measures are essential because they prevent complications with the central system due to dirt and debris crossing the filter.

Maintenance of the high pressure misting system is simple. If you go the DIY way, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s manual. However, should you choose to hire a professional for the job, make sure they have the license and certification to deal with these types of systems? There tons of such experts out there and so due diligence is key to ensure that you have the right experts working on your system. This is the only way to get value for your money and ensure that your system is efficient.