Different Types of #1 High Heels in Australia – Which One is Perfect for You?

Every pair of shoes with a rising heel is known as a high heel. However, did you know that there are different types of high heels out there? If you are a natural shoe collector, then you are probably already aware of this. However, for the average people out there, the right pair of high heels can put some pep in your step. It can totally boost your confidence and self-esteem as you strut your way to work or to an event you are attending. Every season, new types of #1 high heels in Australia takes over the fashion trend. That is why you must know the different types of high heels. For a little refresher, continue reading below:


The Stilettos

It is just right that we mention this absolute classic. The stiletto heel is among the most popular heel types dating back to the 1930s. Named after the iconic stiletto dagger, it is immediately identified by its long, thin heel. The stiletto heel is often found on pumps, boots, and strappy sandals alike.


The Kitten Heel

Once was known as a shoe for “grandmas,” the kitten heel has made a resurgence into one of the most popular types of #1 high heels in Australia. Women who prefer comfort to height on their heels know it. Before, short-heeled shoes like the kitten heel were considered frumpy – but not anymore. The kitten heel comes in variants such as nude sandals, boots, and flip-flops.


The Wedge

Also known as espadrilles or canvases, the wedge shoe is also considered as a high heel. They may not conventionally look like one, but they are high heels and are characterised by their comfort and style. Wedges are a staple during the summer season. It was created initially as an orthopedic shoe back in the 1930s; the wedge has since become a fashion essential that is stylish, elegant, and timeless.


The Block Heel

Of course, we cannot put a list of different types of #1 high heels in Australia without mentioning the block heel. It has risen in fame due to its versatility, walkability, and comfort. You can wear them to work or when going out with your friends. It is the ultimate city-stomping shoe. As the name implies, its chunky, square-shaped heel that comes in both high and medium-height options defines the block heel.


There are many more types of high heels out there, such as the sling back; the mule; the ankle strap, and the “Flatform.” Get to know these other high heel variants by clicking this link.


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