4WD Tuning Upgrades

ECU remaps one of the most common 4WD tuning upgrades available today. An ECU remap replaces the 4WD computer software, overwriting the manufacturer’s standard software. Newly programmed software allows for optimal 4WD performance. Companies like Diesel Performance Tune claim ECU remaps can improve 4WD performance by 50%. There are various reasons why remaps are so popular, but some users report impressive results.

Torq’s Power Module

4WD tuning Adelaide

A Torqit Power Module for 4WD tuning sits between existing plugs in your vehicle’s fuel operating system. The device is hardwired, or Bluetooth enabled. Once installed, the Power Module automatically sets itself to its highest performance mode. It offers three optimum power and torque settings. You can change these settings via the Torqit Connect app. You can read more about Torqit Power Module for 4WD tuning and learn how it can boost your performance.

The best part of Torqit’s Power Module for 4WD tuning Adelaide is that it’s easy to install. It’s a powerful chip that unlocks your vehicle’s lost power, torque, and fuel efficiency. You can also benefit from increased fuel efficiency. The module’s air-fuel ratio enhances your vehicle’s engine performance and reduces the fuel consumption. It is perfect for towing heavy loads, and it even works with Bluetooth technology. Learn more about 4WD tuning Adelaide. 

Combine the Power Module with a Pedal torq and Torqit Performance Exhaust for maximum performance. Torq Performance Modules are suitable for a wide range of diesel vehicles. They are easy to install and leave no imprint on the ECU. They are customised for most diesel vehicles and feature 100% mandrel-bent tubing. The Performance Exhausts include a double skin muffler and heavily packed fibreglass to reduce noise.

Torq Performance Exhaust systems are the thickest mandrel-bent exhaust systems available in Australia. Made of high-grade stainless steel, they have been designed for maximum torque. You’ll love the deep note you get from a Torqit Performance Exhaust. With its new Power Module, you’ll also feel more confident driving your 4WD in any environment. So don’t wait any longer and buy one!

Plug-and-play kits

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to tune your 4WD, Plug-and-play tuning kits are the perfect solution. The ‘chip’ that comes with a Plug-and-Play kit is designed to piggyback on the vehicle’s existing ECU. These are easily accessible and can be installed by the vehicle owner. Many Tuners will only supply the ‘chip’ and not the wiring harness.


Remaps are a simple and safe way to modify your vehicle’s engine. Usually, they can be installed by connecting a laptop to the OBD serial port of your vehicle. Although this may sound like a simple procedure, it is not. In the past, installing remaps meant removing the original engine computer chip and replacing it with a new one with new software. This process was known as chips.

Remaps are software programs that change the engine’s ECU’s computer program. A technician will analyse your vehicle’s data and then make appropriate changes. The modifications will increase fuel efficiency and driveability and save you money in the long run. The most common reason to use remaps is to fix a faulty engine. But this can cause other problems too. To be completely safe, always do your research and find out all the details before investing in any tuning.

Before undergoing remaps, make sure you have a reliable source of information about your vehicle. Look for a well-known company that offers reputable services. Reputable will have highly qualified calibration tuners, extensive R & D, and testing. Do not buy remaps from low-quality companies, which can damage your vehicle. In addition, you will be voiding your warranty. This can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Changing the engine software will improve fuel efficiency. While remapping will increase your vehicle’s horsepower by 30-40 bhp, it will also increase its torque by 80 nm. If your vehicle does not have a turbocharger, it will not benefit as much from remapping. But if you already have a supercharger or turbocharger, remapping will make the difference between a jerky drive and a car with superior performance.

Dyno tuning

The first step in getting your vehicle tuned is to find a dyno shop that performs this type of service. A dyno technician will perform an interview with you and look at your vehicle. They will check compression and visual inspection to determine what heat ranges your vehicle requires. Then, the dyno technician will tune your vehicle. This process can save you time, money, and headaches in the future.

4WD tuning Adelaide is important for some reasons. First, it will give your vehicle the highest performance possible and save you money by reducing fuel consumption. Secondly, dyno tuning is essential for vehicles that have been modified. While all vehicles don’t need to be tuned, many vehicle owners opt to modify their vehicles so that they will improve their performance. By getting your vehicle dyno-tuned, you can improve its fuel efficiency and get more mileage.

Next, you can improve power and torque. A dyno can also help you get a better throttle response and greater torque spread. BPS Autos dyno tuning can give you the boost your 4WD needs. They have been in business for over 25 years and have thousands of satisfied customers. The best way to get the best results is to use the same tuner and dyno for your vehicle.

The cost of a dyno session can range from several hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. The savings on fuel alone can cover the cost of the tuning in a few months. Another plus is that a dyno tune is all-inclusive, so any simple repairs or adjustments will not add to the cost. Ultimately, the benefits of dyno tuning are worth the price.