EMS Machine: What Is It and How Does It Work?

If you are a professional bodybuilder, what should you consider before choosing an EMS machine? There are many benefits to EMS and many cons. These decisions should be based on your current level of physical conditioning and skill. Also, it is essential to consider whether you have any particular health conditions that might affect the effectiveness of an EMS machine.


First, there are the EMS machine TENS. Essentially, TENS is short for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. An EMS machine generates electrical pulses along the skin’s surface. These electrical pulses stimulate the muscles themselves, making them contract. This creates a more natural form of resistance training, which some people prefer over actual weights or machines.

When an EMS unit is used in place of weights, it produces an electrical current that directly interfaces with the muscles. Because these are not traditional weights, the amount of electrical current produced can vary greatly. Generally, though, these devices provide between eight to twelve thousand volts of direct current. Many pros and cons exist for both types of EMS units and machines, including:

With an EMS machine, you can connect directly to the nervous system, providing direct access to muscles and delivering targeted electrical muscle stimulation. This means that you can now stimulate targeted muscle growth. Some patients may experience long-term benefits, and some may experience short-term benefits. The only negative about this is the amount of time needed to allow beneficial muscle growth. Some people can see results in as little as a week; others may take six months to see any noticeable change. This should also be considered when deciding whether or not this is the right treatment method for you.

An EMS machine is used in conjunction with a physical therapist, who can design a program to deliver the best possible treatment. You will often find that these programs incorporate exercises, stretches, and equipment specifically designed to help those suffering from diseases and conditions that affect the nervous system. If your condition isn’t severe enough to allow for this type of treatment, you will still benefit from the effects of the mechanical stimulation. As the machine delivers the electrical impulses, the therapist can design a program that will increase the electrical current throughout the day.

While you can purchase EMS machines that use the standard nine-volt battery, you may want to invest in a battery pack that provides higher output. There are several brands available today, including Eureka, Medical Chi and EMS Power Pro. It’s essential to make sure that you purchase a Eureka board made from quality medical silicone, not just any silicone. These units come with an assortment of different pre-packaged solutions: thermoplastic, silicone, rubber and thermoplastic elastomer. The advantage of using a silicone pad is that it insulates against temperature fluctuations, meaning that you won’t have to worry about changing batteries as often.

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