Easiest Way to Clean and Maintain Your Mitsubishi Split System

In today’s standards, almost every home needs the service of a split system air conditioner. It’s a popular choice since it’s compact, quiet, and energy efficient. However, it can be a bit daunting to maintain. Getting professional air conditioning maintenance services is also costly. Fortunately, you can learn how to clean your Mitsubishi split system using only a few easy steps:



Buy an Air Conditioner Wash Bag

Catch the water droplets on your air conditioning unit using an air conditioner wash bag. These plastic bags are available online and are designed specifically for catching the wastewater that accumulates when you clean your air conditioner.


Buy a Good Coil Cleaner

As the name implies, a coil cleaner cleans the coils of your air conditioner and makes sure that it’s fully functional and dust-free. When purchasing a coil cleaner, avoid the foam type because they can get messy and spread foam everywhere, even on unnecessary spaces. Foam sprays may not penetrate the coils or rotor fan blades properly, that’s why you should stick to liquid solution sprays.


Install the Air Conditioner Bag Around the Split System AC

For maximum efficiency and usage, the air conditioner wash bag should be installed around the entire area of the Mitsubishi split system. That way, you don’t need to tear the system down like what professionals usually do. It’s a lot more tiresome and hard to do. So make your life easier by following this step.


Start Spraying the Coil Cleaner Over Your Coils

When you start spraying your coil cleaners, try to spray at an angle that’s onto the cooling fins’ surface and directly into your AC coils. Make sure the solution reaches as far into the coils as possible. One way to do that is to push the nozzle as close to the AC fins as possible.


Spray the Rotary Blades in the Outlet of the Airflow

Finally, spray the rotary blades which are hidden in the outdoor of the airflow. For the best results, use a far-reaching spray nozzle just like those of a garden pressure sprayer. Coat the blades with the cleaning solution and don’t leave any area behind.

Congratulations you have successfully cleaned and maintained your Mitsubishi split system. By doing this regularly, you can ensure that your air conditioner will last and serve you longer. For more details about air conditioning maintenance, visit our website today.

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