How Foot Orthotics Can Help You

For those who are on their feet all day, or for the most of the day, we may find that adding foot orthotics to their lives may improve the way their bodies and feet feel, more so after a period of standing. For those who suffer from food injury or discomfort or those who are susceptible to foot ulceration, sports orthotics Adelaide may be the solution to keeping you comfortable when you’re on your feet. This article will explain what orthotics are and how to know if they are right for you.

What Are Foot Orthotics?

Foot orthotics are tailor-made inserts for souse which help to alleviate the high-pressure area in the foot, making the individual wearing them more comfortable when standing. Podiatrists find foot orthotics helpful in treating many foods and leg conditions including but not limited to shin splints, plantar fasciitis, chondromalacia patella, Achilles tendonitis, and in avoiding arthritic and diabetic ulcerations.


To determine whether orthotics will help you, your podiatry doctor will run a series of simple physical and computer tests. Your orthopedist will then ask you to stand still and walk on a highly sensitive, computerised pas to discover high-pressure points in your foot from body weight distribution. Clinicians will then analyse the results to determine how your natural stance and weight distribution are affecting the rest of your body. If some areas of your foot pressure are high, the podiatrist may recommend corrective foot orthotics.

How Orthotics Can Help

Many researchers are of the view that out foot health is essential to the general health of the rest of our body. While orthotics may not assist with an earache, they can help with problems arising from leg length difference, leg fatigue, back pain, bunions, and other foot and leg related problems. Foot orthotics are tailor-made to fit your specific needs and increase your overall function by alleviating pressure in your foot. Since they are custom, they will help with your particular needs.

When it comes to buying orthotics, many people are tempted to buy the premade orthotics because these are readily available in the market and very affordable. Also, you need not visit a podiatrist to purchase them, and this seems convenient for many people. However, what you should know is that pre-made orthotics will not solve your foot pressure problems, and you will end up being disappointed. Do not let affordability and availability deceive you when buying sports orthotics Adelaide. Avoid cutting shortcuts and visit a reputable podiatry clinic, go through the right tests and if you need orthotics, get the customised ones. This way, your foot problems will be a thing of the past.

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