Successful Staging: Important Factors to Consider

If you have an event that requires a stage, there’s a lot of things and factors that you need to consider. From the set design to visuals and lighting, several options you need to recognise.




Of all the factors, security is your absolute number one priority. Sometimes organising Staging SAan event gets too overwhelming that you forget to prioritise on the small fundamentals, like keeping your crew, and the audience safe.


While you’re pretty much engrossed in the staging and production, you also need to consider the number of attendees, participants, and the artists who will be performing at your event. All of these people will be in the same venue at the same time, so overlooking safety will be a costly mistake that you will regret once something terrible does happen.


Here are some tips that you need to keep in mind during in Staging SA:


  • Avoid stacking heavy objects, or have them lying around where they could potentially topple and fall.
  • Ensure that any hanging features are firmly and securely attached to the roof of the stage.
  • Be mindful of the placement of the materials and fixtures that you will be using.
  • Keep away fire-prone materials from lighting to avoid having a fire hazard on your during your event.


Consider the Height of your Stage


Whether you’re renting a stage or using an already existing one, you would always want to consider how high the platform is going to be. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind:


If you are hosting a small event, how big and how high the stageis from the ground are going to be minor considerations except in terms of safety.


For live or festive events where a large number of people are going to be attending, you may want to consider a broader stage for the best view.


If your event features a lot of movement and your stage is quite high off the ground, make sure you’re marking where the stage ends to prevent accidents like falling off the stage from happening.



Get Help


Considering these two factors are extremely important to ensure success in staging SA. If you are looking for assistance in your stage setup, contact your local staging services firms here in Australia and get expert help in setting up your stage. Many reputable firms offer comprehensive coverage from start to finish to ensure your event will be successful.



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