Qualifications of Hearing Aids Providers

“Hear Aid Specialists SA” is an independent private, family-run and privately owned Hearing Aid Clinic serving retired, private and pensioner populations with hearing aids. The clinic’s primary goal is to provide high quality, affordable service that meets the needs of people who require amplification devices for various reasons. In addition, it aims to build a friendly, non-invasive relationship with its clients whilst providing them with the highest possible levels of service, care and comfort. In its current incarnation, the clinic has a total budget of approximately BHD 200 million. It also has four expert audiologist board members, including Dr J.R. Smith, a practising ENT specialist and past president of the American Society of Audiology.


The primary purpose of the Adelaide clinic’s services is to provide personalised solutions to each client’s hearing and vision impairments. Most of its services are provided through hearing aids and digital hearing aids, tailored to each individual’s unique requirements. All treatments are delivered in a highly professional and dedicated manner designed to provide the best level of service to its clients.


An independent audit of the Adelaide hearing aids centre was conducted to verify the highest level of patient care and service it can provide. It is found that there were significant improvements which the patients experienced. However, these changes were small compared to the overall experience of the patients. Nevertheless, they were noteworthy enough to be noticed. The main areas which were identified as needing improvement included access to qualified staff, effective communication between patients and their audiologist and the provision of the highest level of care and support possible. These areas were found to be lacking in the Adelaide hearing aids centre, which was noted as lacking in many places that might prove valuable and necessary for the clients.


As a direct result of this audit, the following changes have been implemented at the Adelaide hearing aids centre. All audiology treatment is provided by thoroughly trained and qualified hearing care and support staff who have received additional training relating to their specific job. These staff members are committed to making the treatment process with the patient as comfortable, safe and confident as possible. The number of audiology professionals available at the centre has also been increased to meet the increasing demand for their services.


In addition to the above-mentioned areas, the centre has also been issued in its delivery of therapy and support services. For example, when a client requires hearing aids, it is not enough for the centre to hand these out on the spot. Clients need ongoing support and guidance to ensure that they receive the best possible treatment. The Adelaide hearing aids centre has found that this is not always the case. There are gaps in how some services are delivered, and clients are often put off as a result. It may be because of a lack of understanding about what is required or a concern that certain services are offered by the centre, which they do not need.

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