Choosing the Right AEG Nail Gun

When it comes to tools that are used for varnishing or painting, there are two really good options: AEG and Nail Guns. While both are popular, they have different ways in which they work. AEGs use compressed air in order to shoot their paint or varnish, while Nail Guns use a hard metal nail, usually steel, to drive the nail deep into the wood. This means that AEGs often have a stronger blast than Nail Guns. So, which one is best for you?


aeg nail gunAEGs are really good for all kinds of surface painting jobs. If you’re varnishing, they can easily penetrate the varnish into the surface of the wood, giving you great results. For this reason, AEGs are often used on boats, trailers, even motorbikes and other vehicles. They are also the choice of many car and truck owners for this purpose. Click to buy the AEG nail gun now!


But AEGs are not just for surface use. There’s another major benefit to them that people tend to forget about. Because they use compressed air, AEGs don’t just launch your paint or varnish at long distances. A lot of the power of an AEG lies in its short bursts of power. And bunnies are exactly what an AEG nail gun is – a short, powerful burst of air.


The best way to demonstrate this is to get hold of some local bunnings and nail a section of wooden block. Stop the air from being compressed and aim the AEG gun at the block. When the nozzle reaches its peak, release it, watch the ping and puff, and ask your friends if they thought it was funny. If they think it’s funny, chances are they’ll agree with you.


Now, here’s something a little different. Although AEGs are very popular, a lot of people don’t know how to use them. Not many people have tried using a cordless nail gun, and therefore they don’t really understand how easy they are to use. This is where cordless nail guns come into play.


If you look online, you’ll see that there are several different brands of cordless guns. They range from those that look like toy cameras to those that look like real pistols. So what would you choose?


Well, the first thing that we’d recommend is the default. Although the deal makes some good compact models, the AEG models seem to be the best ones. The deal also has a good reputation for being able to withstand a lot of punishment when it comes to painting or drilling. The AEG nail gun is more suited to drills though, not just cameras. Click to buy now!


We would also recommend the Wholesale version of the dewalt. It doesn’t actually cost much more than the normal cordless Wholesale Mar 2021 model. It’s also more suited to drilling holes. You can find it in most stores such as Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. Click to buy now!