AEG Power Tools

AEG has more than 120 years of experience in tool manufacturing, and the company’s commitment to innovation continues to this day. The goal is to provide quality power tools that help you Work Smarter, not Harder. Its tools can do more than get the job done; they also make your job easier. The patented features of AEG power drills and impact drivers make them easy to use. They also feature overload protection, which protects your tools from overheating.

AEG Power ToolsAEG’s tools are made of industrial-grade alloy and painted industrial electric motor colours. After the second world war, the livery was changed to light machine green. In addition, the brand was one of the first to use double electrical insulation and used reinforced resin and metal-reinforced plastic housings for its power tools. While Metabo beat AEG to the punch when it came to electronics, AEG was able to keep up with the competition by using TFK and Motorola components.


AEG has continued innovating and building its reputation as a high-quality power tool brand. Aeg has long been a part of TTI, the leader in global power tools, and now distributes the brand’s products in the US. With new management and an expanded distribution network, AEG power tools are available to professional tradespeople in the US. In addition, the introduction of five new commercial-grade tools makes it even easier for the average consumer to buy AEG power tools.


In addition to its popular line of power tools, AEG also sells construction equipment. The company uses the latest technology to build their site equipment. With the latest technology in the market, Aeg aims to provide the most reliable and durable tools. Its innovative approach to design and manufacturing has earned it a strong reputation worldwide. The company is now part of TTI’s stable, and its products have passed various tests and verifications to earn that reputation.

Aeg power tools are designed for professional tradespeople and are available in many trade outlets worldwide. AEG is the industry leader in professional trade tools with its high-performance tools. In addition, with a wide selection of cordless tools, hammer drills, and power saws, the company’s extensive range of industrial tools can make it a great asset for any business. If you want to buy AEG power tools online, visit their official website.

AEG power tools have a long history of innovation. The company offers a range of construction equipment, including drills, hammers, and saws. The company also sells equipment for professionals in the construction industry. The company’s tools are built with modern, trendy technology. Aeg’s commitment to quality and reliability has gained the brand a reputation worldwide. If you require a tool for a specific job, then consider AEG.