Key Benefits of Weighted Blankets

If you have not heard of weighed blankets before, then this article will look at these covers, and why should consider using one. As you would expect, weighted covers are designed to be heftier than the standard comforter or quilt. They weigh between four and thirty pounds, and they are often filled with plastic beads or natural materials, giving them a similar texture and feel to beanie baby toys. The extra weight adds warmth and gentle pressure to the blanket, and this mimics the feeling of being held when you wrap it on top of you. As a result, weighted covers can improve people’s moods, soothe sensory disorders like autism, combat anxiety, treat insomnia, and so on. Below are the main benefits why you should buy or use weighted blankets.

Reduces Anxiety

No matter your age, anxiety covers will help you lower your stress level and help you reach a relaxed state. Research has it that weighted blankets might be useful during high-stress events, like visiting a dentist for the first time or a major dental procedure. Since research has it that even short periods of DTP can calm you down, you should consider keeping a weighted blanket on hand when you need a quick relive. It is the best way of dealing with stress at home.

Fights Insomnia

You might be sceptical that weighted blanket will improve your sleep, but there is evidence that it certainly does. A study on people living with insomnia found that those who tried sleeping with a weighted cover experienced less restless at night and had an easier time falling asleep in the first place. The soothing effect of these covers can create a comfortable environment for falling asleep by imitating the feeling if being swaddled tightly in bed. This physical connection creates a sense of warmth and safety, making it easier for your body to relax.

Reduce Pre-Sleep Stress

Wrapping yourself in weighted covers before relaxing may reduce your cortisol production, which is a stress hormone that triggers the ‘fight or flight response’ in your body. Too much cortisol adds stress to your immune system, raises sugar levels, and reduces the effectiveness of the digestive system. However, some studies show that ‘grounding’ your body in place as you sleep with a weighted cover can reduce cortisol production as you relax and this will make it easier to get higher quality slumber and lower your risk of waking up tired, stressed, or in pain in the morning.

Triggers Release Of Feel-Good Hormones

Deep pressure touch infuses the release of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, which are two major feel-good hormones for the brain. Both these beneficial compounds can combat depression, stress, and anxiety, leaving you with an emotional pick-me-up after a snuggle session.

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