The Rationale Behind Recycling Plastic

One of the most flexible things that we make use of is plastics. Whether at home, at work, when we go shopping and even when we are on holiday vacation, we tend to see it almost everywhere. However, the continuous widespread of the use of plastics also means copious amounts of disposals.

That’s why today, recycling plastic has become a desperate need. So for you to contribute in saving the environment, you should now start thinking about plastic bottle recycling Adelaide. Here are more valuable reasons why you should involve yourself in the action of recycling plastic.

  1. Plastic comprises a considerable percentage of solid waste

Large amounts of plastics contribute to the continuous growth of the issue in solid waste. But, you will be surprised to learn that plastic disposal makes up more than 10% of all solid waste. So every year, we tend to throw an equivalent of 30 million tons of plastic.

Unfortunately, along with other waste, plastics are also thrown into landfills. Sending plastics to landfills is an awful action for our environment, given that you can recycle most of it. We badly need to refrain from disposing plastic along with other solid waste as we are already running out of landfill space at an alarming rate.

  1. It takes centuries for plastic to break down.

For plastics to completely break down, a minimum of 500 years is highly required. Keep in mind that the plastics we dumped into landfills don’t break down quickly. Instead, it only clogs up valuable landfill space and will take centuries to break down.

Moreover, sending plastics to waste processing facilities can only overburden the facility, which may only lead to another significant issue. Also, it is hazardous for the environment if we burn plastics. If these two are not bad enough for you, well, disposing plastics to the ocean is much more worst as you are not only polluting it, but you are also killing the habitat of every living creature under it.

  1. Plastic contributes to pollution.

Plastic not only causes pollution in the landfills areas because it is also prevalent in the ocean. In fact, about 90% of all waste that is floating on the surface of the sea belongs to plastic. So per square mile, it is approximately about 46,000 pieces which are incredibly a considerable number.

Keep in mind that our ecosystem will significantly suffer from the many plastics in the ocean. Every year, plastic pollution kills over a million sea birds and over a hundred thousand marine animals. Not only that but according to research, almost 25% of crustaceans, 40% of seabird species and a growing number of all sea turtles and fish species have plastic inside their bodies.

We should immediately take some action in eliminating or at least minimising this plastic pollution issue.  Thus, don’t think twice and help our environment by embracing plastic bottle recycling Adelaide today.

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