Building Inspections Checklist

Building inspections are critical if you are on the verge of purchasing a property as a form of an investment and you are trying to appraise your home. There are some instances wherein before a property will be made available for sale; there is a need to conduct a specialized home inspection to verify if the house is still conducive for living and if the materials and other considerations are still good to go. Here are some of the things that you have to bear in mind if you are into conducting a home inspection. This checklist is very helpful in ensuring the potential of a given property and making sure that all the parts and important details of the inspection are covered.

First in the checklist is to have a step by step inspection. Follow direction depending on the flow of the house. It might be front to back, up to down, left to right, as long as there is a certain sequence on how you are going to make it. At some point, it is very imperative to check first where you want to start the inspection so as not to mess up the sequence of the parts that needed investigation.

While doing the inspection, make it a point to check the following characteristics:

First consideration is plumbing. Make sure that the house is securely and neatly plumbed. Take note of the materials and ensure that they are still good. Make a note if some parts need a repair and which parts need maintenance.

Electrical supply is also a consideration. Remember that this is a very crucial part of doing a home inspection. You don’t want to burn your house to ashes, do you? It should be a basic need to verify if the electrical system is wired accordingly and the circuit devices and everything pertaining to the conduction of electrical power is securely intact. The surge protector and power strip should also have the standards.

Water and drainage system should be taken into account as well. Make sure that there is a continuous flow of water supply. At the same time, ensure that the drainage system is well accustomed. Well, if you are situated in a distant subdivision, the drainage system is not a problem since they have a centralized way for doing so. Water supply is very important to us so make sure that you will have ample supply in case of emergency.


As you can see, inspecting all the above issues is not easy, and it requires a professional hand. For the best services, consider hiring detail building inspections. They are experts in inspecting houses and have many years of expertise. They know everything about home inspections. With them, you can be sure of receiving a competent report that will help you make a sound decision. Hire their services today and invest your money wisely without worrying about the future surprises.