Ducted AC Benefits You Should Be Aware Of

Nowadays, Australian summers are unfortunately becoming fiercer, and if you want everybody to feel comfortable, you should think about investing in a more efficient air conditioning system. Well, probably you could immediately get overwhelmed with the various choices available out there. If until now you are still unsure as to what to invest, how about a Ducted Air Conditioning Adelaide?

Installing ducted air conditioning in your home is a smart decision and here’s why:


1 – It can cool your entire home consistently.


The split system will only cool the room or zone in which the unit is being well installed, meaning you must close off that specific area to maximise the unit’s effectiveness. Apparently, such a situation can cause problems if your home is fully designed to suit open plan living. With that, you must choose for a more costly and more potent unit to cool larger zones. Since it is unpractical and expensive to install a split system in every single room, you will have to be careful about which rooms or areas you cool.

Ducted air conditioning provides you with the power to cool your entire house by just a touch of a button. The central unit is usually well-positioned out of sight, particularly in the roof. Refrigerated air is simultaneously pushed through a system of ducts to vents. That translates to superior freedom all the way through your home without having to open and close doors behind you as you leave.

When it comes to entertainment, ducted air conditioning is far more beneficial.  You do not need to shut off zones only to maintain the temperature down. Ducted air conditioning allows you to lower the temperature discreetly without an awful icy blast at head height.


2 – It presents an affordable option.


Indeed, the initial cost is higher if you install ducted air conditioning as compared to a split system. Nevertheless, installing a ducted air conditioning system can save you more money in the long run.

If you choose many split systems throughout your home, you will have to pay installation costs for each unit. Plus, you will need to factor in servicing and maintenance expenses for each system. Meaning, the more air conditioner units you have, the higher your risks of a breakdown when you need your air conditioner the most, especially if you ignore getting your split systems well-maintained consistently.

Ducted air conditioning offers the ideal solution if you are anxious about unnecessarily cooling rooms that you are not actively using. Through the installation of a ducted air conditioning system that’s capable of being ‘zoned’, you can effortlessly shut off cooling where you do not need it.

Unlike other types of air conditioners, ducted AC units are not necessary to display an energy efficiency star rating. All Ducted Air Conditioning Adelaide units must now conform with Minimum Energy Performance Standards, which is an assurance of effectiveness. Branding and product information is readily available; therefore, you can also evaluate the energy efficiency of various ducted air conditioners. The installer of your air conditioning unit can also guide you through the process. Through that way, you can select the most energy cost-effective preference for your floorplan and lifestyle needs.

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