Everyday Plumbing Problems and Ways to Fix Them

Most people don’t realise this, but the integrity of a home depends mostly on the plumbing maintenance. Poor plumbing or plumbing issues can cause a number temporary and long-term structural damage owing to water seeping into the floors and walls. To avoid this problem, you can best fix these plumbing issues as soon as they materialise.

Fixing Leaks and Cracks

Leaks in most cases are caused by either worn out washers or cracks in the pipes. These are subtle plumbing issues which can develop over time. Any DIY enthusiast can fix most leaks, but the first step is to determine if it’s a leaky flapper, caulking or a broken pipe which is the cause of the problem. To fix the leaky caulking, you will have to remove the caulk then clean the whole affected area and then apply a brand new caulk.

If you attribute the leak towards a worn out flapper, then you’ll need to replace the flapper. First turn off the water and thoroughly flush the toilet, so there is no water left in the tank. You will then have to unscrew the flapper and replace it with a similarly sized flapper which you can purchase it from any hardware store.

To fix a leaking pipe start by tightening loose joints and check for damages in the pipe. If the pipe needs replacement, you may have to hire plumbers Adelaide for this task.

Fixing Clogging Issues

Clogging is said to be the second biggest plumbing problems in most homes. These problems are common in floor drains, bathtubs, and toilets. The simplest thing to do to fix a bathtub clog is to clean up all the hair and dirt which has gathered around the drain. You can also use a chemical drain cleaner which loosens up the clog within the pipe. In case the chemicals you use do not work then try to clean your drum trap.

It is difficult to do since you’ll have to gain access to the panel behind your tub or the ceiling of the room right under it. Once you get there, you may have to chip away at the ceiling to get to the plug which then needs to be removed and cleaned. You will have to replace it with a fresh gasket. Many times a plunger can be used to pop open a clog, but then if this does not work, you may have to get professional help.

While there are many plumbing problems you can file reasonably quickly on your own for some more severe issues, you will need to hire plumbers Adelaide. However, make sure always to hire a professional service so that they can quickly diagnose the problem and fix it in the shortest period using quality materials.