Polishing Hardwood Floors in 3 Simple Steps

No other floor compares to a hardwood floor as it gives any home an elegant and home look. Over time, however, the hardwood floor lose the shine. If your flooring has served you for many years, and you are considering taking it out entirely to replace with a new one, take a moment to reconsider.

It is possible to revive hardwood floors, they are not like other items in the house that should be thrown out and replaced when outdated. All you need is floor polishing Adelaide. By doing this to your hardwood floor, you will bring that shine, and you can enjoy the elegant and homey feel again. Polishing is enough to make these floors look like new whey they were installed first. Here the three steps when it comes to polishing your floor.


Water and other water-based solvents can easily damage your hardwood floor. Thus, never use them to clean your floor. There are hardwood cleaners that are not water based, and you can use them to remove stains. For dust and other particles, use a vacuum or broom. For areas that are extremely dirty, use a stiff nylon scrub brush.


Buffing floors is an excellent way to refinish it partially. This step in the polishing process prepares your flooring for a new finish each time. Buffing prevents the finish or polish you apply from peeling off quickly. For this step, you will need to rent a machine called a buffer. The best thing, however, is to hire a professional to do it for you.


Once you buffer the floor, you need to finish it by applying wax or a polishing solution. Go with paste wax as it last longer and will give that extra shine you are looking for. However, bear in mind that paste wax is challenging to remove when compared to other types of polish or finish. If you are planning on refinishing them down the road, consider a polishing solution as it is easier to remove than wax.

It can be laborious, but you will get better results if you apply a polishing solution or wax manually. Ensure that the floor is clean and dry before applying polish. The frequency in which you have to wax or polish your hardwood floor depends mainly on the type of hardwood, how old the flooring is and how much traffic it receives daily. If you find the whole restoration process time consuming, there are many floor polishing Adelaide experts that you can hire and have your the polishing is done professionally. All you need is know who can deliver quality services. A simple search online will give you ideas on whom to trust.

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