Pallet Freeze Spacers Uses

Heat treatment of frozen product at the cooling plant drum. Proper alignment and installation of pallet, cube and drum freezers. For more info on Pallet freezer spares near you, please click on the link below. A pallet freezer spare is a plastic, wooden or metal enclosure supported by a rack or shaft. It is used to keep pallets, sections or rolls of plastic covered. The primary purpose is to avoid damage to plastic products or even increase their lifetime.

pallet freezer spacersIn any manufacturing operation, equipment that holds products or materials at freezing temperatures requires reliable protection from vibration, heat damage and even accidents. Imagine the disastrous consequences if one of those components breaks down. That can ruin an entire production line. In this age of safety, most equipment manufacturers also provide additional security using pallet freezer spacers. It is one of the most critical investments an owner of a food processing plant can make.

As stated, the main advantage of pallet freezer spares is to increase the life of your plastics. And several studies and tests show that increased time to expiration of plastic products bought using plastic wraps are reduced when plastic wrap with freezer protection is used. Other studies show that the same results apply to paper as well. So, this plastic wrap with freezer protection is like a bonus for your paper products, and it makes good business sense.

Another advantage of these plastic freezer spacers from Stockinette Bags Australia is to extend the useful life of your plastic material. It might sound not easy to believe, but after all this talk, you might still be using some of those old pallets that are taking up too much space. We just put them in a drawer and forget about them. But if we use pallet freezer spares, we can put them in a rotation to prolong their life span. It is not that we do not want to use them but because they take up a lot of room.

The number of pallets being used at a time can also affect their life span. If you have too many pallets, they will eventually start to rot or shrink. Although now we know that they cannot be recycled, we need to know how to extend their life span. It is where pallet freezer spares come into the picture. These plastic products are designed to hold two to five layers of items. By adding a little more layer of these plastic freezer spares, we can significantly extend the life of our perishable goods.

One way to make your perishable goods last longer is by putting them in direct factory packaging. In this process, we use special plastic pallets for storing our perishables, and they are very good at storing goods. However, when we store them in direct factory packaging, we do not see any qualities that generally give a good result – like the excellent odour or a good feel upon touch.

It is where the pallet freezer spacers come in. By using these plastic spacers between the plastic pallets, we can significantly extend the life of our perishables. In addition, these plastic products are used for direct factory packaging and in warehousing and other types of production settings. These products effectively cut down the vibrations, heat, and noise associated with traditional pallet storage. Also, plastic products have a very low density, allowing them to be placed within a very narrow space. Thus, even if many plastic pallets are stacked on top of each other, they will still fit into the limited space.

The racking system is the most common place where you would usually see the plastic pallet freezer spacer. The racking system is usually installed just below the pallets. If you are using a vertical racking system, then these plastic products are perfect for you. However, if you are using a horizontal racking system, this product will not help you. And because it cannot help you, it does not help your pallets as well.

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