What Happens When You Ignore Tree Stump Removal Gold Coast?

People often tend to overlook simple-yet-crucial tasks at home. Take tree stump removal Gold Coast, for example. You know you should’ve taken care of your stump a couple of months back. But you think “Nah, what’s the worst that could happen?” Before you know it, your stump is already causing trouble in your backyard. So before things escalate, you should have your stump removed immediately. Here are some of the implications if you don’t:


You’ll Deal With an Eyesore in Your Lawn

Tree stumps are the ultimate eyesore that stains your beautiful landscape. It’s an unattractive part of your yard that will ultimately compromise its beauty and attractiveness. How many times have you admired the look of your yard, only to stop at the sight of your tree stump? Think of it as a pimple in your face. The more it stays, the more it will become a nuisance and will be the only thing that people notice.



Your Garden & Lawn Grass Will Suffer

While the upper portion of the tree has been cut off, a fresh tree stump will continue to sap precious nutrients from the ground that was intended for your garden plants and lawn grass. A stump will require more nutrients than ever to sustain its life, which is why not removing it will only give you a parasite that compromises the health of your plants and grass. What’s worse is that a stump can potentially re-grow the tree that you put down, wasting your time and bringing you back to point one. Make sure you prevent this from happening by removing your tree stump.

Your Lawn Will Be Infested With Pests and Wild Animals

Wild Animals such as snakes and racoons, as well as pests like termites, worms, and ants,  love to live on a tree stump. It’s a cool and cozy place that they can stay and plot their domination onto your lawn. Before you know it, you’re already dealing with a severe pest problem that will require you to spend money on an exterminator. If you don’t want to waste money, prevent an outbreak from occurring by cutting down the main root of the problem which is your tree stump.


It’s safe to say that your tree stump is the “root of all evil.” So make sure you eliminate it by calling your local tree stump removal Gold Coast experts. Visit our website now to know more about our professional stump removal services.

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