How to Tell If Your Child Needs New Shoes

Functionality is what kids need more from their shoes, and fashion is secondary. The need for shoes is frequent to kids as their feet tend to grow fast. That’s why often; parents try to save up through purchasing shoes that are two sizes larger than the right fit because they believe that it will last longer. Also, they tend to save outgrown shoes of older siblings for younger ones to wear in the future.


However, these conventional money-saving techniques and practices are sadly not favourable for both kids and their feet. Worn shoes should be discarded right away as it is unsafe. Not only that but your kids might fall, slip or get into an accident as wearing a pair of too-large shoes can be harmful. So would shoes made with harmful synthetic materials, unlike the  natural and eco-friendly vegan shoes for kids.


It is imperative that you prioritise your child’s safety and comfort. Switching to Vegan Kids Shoes can give you a handful of benefits. Here are essential things you must know about it based on age.


  1. Kids Under 3


During your child’s first three years, their feet tend to grow remarkably faster. Thus, more often, your child would need to replace his or her shoes for around three-four times a year. No doubt, their shoes would rarely acquire or show some signs of wear and tear as babies and toddlers don’t spend too much time on their feet. However, it doesn’t mean that the pair is still excellent to be worn. Children dramatically need comfortable protection for their feet at this stage. Keep in mind that letting your child wear shoes that no longer fit their foot size is exceptionally harmful. So if you spot some scuffs on your child’s toes, limping, blisters and your child already refuses to wear it, those are signs that your baby already needs a new pair of shoes.



  1. 4 to 8 Years

Running, walking, jumping, riding bikes and dancing are what most children in this age group significantly do as it is the stage where they spend more time on their feet. Before they have outgrown their shoes, they can make it first undergo wear and tear. Although their feet will grow a little slower this time, you still have to expect that they will need a new pair of shoes at least 2-3 times a year. It is highly recommended that you opt for shoes that provide ample foot support and protection because they are more active in this stage. A shoe that features comfortable insoles, arch support, shock-absorbent and slip-free outsoles is what you should look for with significance.


No doubt, your kids need Vegan Kids Shoes since their feet continuously growing and changing at high speed. And never forget that once they have outgrown or worn their shoes, you have to replace it immediately.


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