What You Need to Know About Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy uses activities, exercises, strategies, and accommodations to help children develop the skills needed to become independent.

If you note that your kid is missing certain developmental milestones, occupational therapy Adelaide could help. A professional occupational therapist can work with your children on many different types of tasks to ensure that they become independent in future. Here are some of the activities:

* Hand-eye coordination. This might include copying in a notebook what the teacher writes on the whiteboard and writing on a classroom whiteboard.

* Activities of daily living. This comprises of buttoning, brushing, using eating utensils etc.

* Fine motor skills. This may include using scissors, grasping and using a pencil, etc.

* Planning and organisation. This may consist of activities like using a graphic organiser for writing, helping a teen plan a trip to his or her locker to swap books, etc.

* Gross motor skills. This includes working on core muscle strength for sitting posture, doing jumping jacks, etc.

*Sensory responses. This will help children with sensory processing issues to respond to corresponding sensory input comfortably.

There are many benefits of occupational therapy to kids, and the sooner a kid starts OT, the more effective the process tends to be. Some children learn to concentrate better and complete their homework with more success. Others have increased self-confidence as they learn how to do more work little by little on their own.

The desired outcome of OT

Professional occupational therapists Adelaide target intended goals and determine the services, support, and modifications needed to achieve those results. Through the understanding of the impact of disability, impairments and illnesses on the way a kid develops plays and learns new skills, the occupational therapists will improve the kid’s ability to participate in daily life.

The desired outcome of OT treatment is to help the kids learn to be as independent as possible at any given time. This ranges from improving physical activities, so the kid can participate in self-care t helping the kid be prepared to perform school-related activities. Since each kid is unique, the goals and outcomes of OT plan will be specific to that kid and his or her needs.

This means that the occupational therapy Adelaide is ongoing until the kid attains the necessary skills. Once the skills are mastered in one area, say like, for example, self-care, the therapy will now focus on other skills that are needed to be functional in the community. Again the nature of the occupational therapy depends on your kid’s disability, how quickly he learns new skills and also the goals of the family.

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