Why Vergola is an Excellent Option in louvre Roof Systems

When thinking of an opening roof system, you should go for the Vergola opening system. But why Vergola? There are several reasons behind the popularity of Vergola which makes it best among many homeowners. Read more below to know some of the benefits of using Vergola.

Made to Last

Vergola louvre roof systems are manufactured from Australian made BlueScope Colorbond which is a roofing material that is preferred by many Australians. The Colorbond is from Zincalume steel with magnesium/zinc/aluminium allow coating that is strong and long-lasting than aluminium. Also, a conversion layer is used to improve adhesion while the Colorbond Super Poynter coating technology makes sure that Vergola’s finish retains its new look for a long time. The exterior grade paint, on the other hand, makes Vergola resistant to peeling, cracking and cheeping.

Better cooler experience with double skin aerofoil

The Vergola’s double-skin aerofoil shaped louvre creates insulating air gap which reduces heat radiation to space below. It just means that the Vergola will be able to keep the covered area much more refreshing than a single skin aluminium louvres system.

Weather Protection and light control

You just need to flick a switch to angle the Vergola louvres and adjust levels from maximum light and diffused light to shade. If you open the Vergola entirely, it allows 89% light inside. The interlocking design allows the louvres to close when it rains, and this means that your space is safe from water-related damages. For a fact, the system is 100% waterproof. However, if you realise that your Vergola system is allowing small amounts of water during a torrential downpour, you can go for the weather seals for better protection.

Energy Efficiency

The Vergola’s double-skinned design allows excellent thermal insulation from heat and also provides noise reduction unlike other single-skinned roofing materials like aluminium that are good conductors of heat. With the adjusting louvres, you will be able to regulate temperatures naturally which means that you save on cooling and heating bills.

Design and Configuration

Vergola encourages a high level of design versatility meaning that you can build it to any style including skillion, gabled or flat. From multiple bays to single bays, Vergolas can be efficiently designed into large areas or small openings.

Smart Controls

Vergola louvre roof systems can be modified and operated using remote control using the automatic controller that allows smooth operation of the louvres. The controllers come equipped with rain sensors which automatically close the louvres at the onset of rain. It brings a lot of conveniences as you need not rush home or to the office to shut the system.

As you can see, those are some of the reasons why you should consider using a Vergola system. If you are convinced that is is the best system, then you should go ahead and have the system installed in your home or office. However, when it comes to installation, note that you need the right experts working for you especially if automation is involved.

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